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Integrated Accounting

Flow each daily transaction to your general accounting ledger—and eliminate time-consuming end-of-day journal postings. Accounting pulls information from all other operations in the LightspeedNXT Dealer Management Software System so you can see everything in one spot. With these integrated capabilities, you can:

Manage Transaction Data

  • Flow all transactions to your accounting ledger.
  • Integrate transaction data from all departments.
  • Drill down to original transaction documents and quickly view everything related to any individual sale.
  • View and print accounting schedule reports to show the detail that supports the General Ledger balance.
  • Verify that sub-ledger detail is in balance with the General Ledger at any time.
  • Interface from purchase orders to the General Ledger simplifies the process of matching up the supplier invoice to actual parts received.
  • Decrease payment source errors by integrating credit card transaction. + more on Credit Card Integration
  • Streamline payroll runs and posting to the ledger. + more on Payroll Plus

Analyze Dealership Performance

  • Organize each department as its own profit center.
  • Automatically track assets and liabilities.
  • Use dealership overview reports to quickly analyze individual, departmental, and overall dealership performance.
  • Create custom reports to track the activities that make a difference to your bottom-line.
  • Leverage transactional benchmarks to communicate opportunities to department heads. + more on Databack

Evaluate Financial Data

  • Access on-demand financial statements, including P&L statements and balance sheets.
  • Create custom reports using up-to-date data.

Track Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll

  • Store information about your vendors and invoices.
  • Track expenses in detail, by department.
  • Track customer charge accounts and payments.

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