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Complete Service Cycle Tracking

Create accurate repair orders, store service history on any unit, and track technician efficiency on every job. The LightspeedNXT Dealer Management Software System helps you track every wrench turn and maximize your profit on for each hour. With a completely automated service department, you can:

Measure Productivity

  • Monitor the exact time a technician spends on a job and compare it to what is billed for the work.
  • Get an instant status overview of all current repair orders and estimates.
  • Compare your performance against service departments across North America. + more on Databack

Create Accurate Repair Orders

  • Create, update and track repair estimates and orders.
  • Assign multiple technicians to a single labor line.
  • Create multiple labor rates for vehicles, technicians, or special processes.

Track Warranty Claims

  • Generate and track warranty claims.
  • Print and submit reports to the OEM for warranty information.

Enhance Customer Service

  • Use standard jobs to create repair orders quickly and efficiently
  • Integrate service and parts data, so you can find parts faster.
  • Email customers updates on service, including attachments, directly from LightspeedNXT.
  • Integrate credit card processing directly into the system. + more on Credit Card Integration

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