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Managed Services: Improved Efficiency

Keep your staff focused on what is important: serving customers. CDK Global Recreation has built integrations to third-parties, web services and powerful tools to help improve efficiency, eliminate distractions and continuously improve performance.

Managed Services include:

Integrated Credit Card

More of your customers are using some kind of card to pay. CDK Global Recreation makes the transactions easier to track and helps you keep more money per transaction. Integrated Credit Card with gift cards helps you save time and money on every credit card transaction at your dealership. + more

Hosted Solution: Off-site Server

Fast, reliable Dealer Management Software, without the server headaches. The hosted version (ASP) eliminates the need to secure, update and maintain an in-house server for your Dealer Management System. All you have to provide is an internet connection. + more

Parts and Major Unit Locator

Increase turns and inventory and decrease lost sales. LightspeedEVO's Locator is used by dealers daily to quickly search and find parts and units. Post your inventory and enlist the help of other dealers across North America sell obsolete parts just collecting dust on your shelves. + more

Integrated Payroll Processing

Now all you need to run your payroll is access to the Internet, thanks to ADP's Payroll Plus. Hosted in ADP's secure environment, Payroll Plus helps your dealership save time and money with quick, simple access to your payroll application. + more

Credit Check

Get the credit scores you need in record time with Credit Check activated in the CDK Global Recreation Dealer Management System. This integrated, online service delivers fast access to comprehensive credit records. So it's easier to get your customer from the front door to the dotted line. + more

Website Integration

Maximize the selling power of the Internet with direct integration with your DMS. CDK Global Recreation's integration gives you the ability to take advantage of the power of the Internet without having to hire an internet programmer or dedicating an employee to keep your website up to date. + more

Databack: Industry Benchmark Reports

Accurately measure your dealership's performance against other dealers across North American and in your region with Databack. This automated reporting service charts your store's data and delivers comprehensive monthly reports detailing performance and profitability.

+ more

Computerized Vehicle Registration

Help your customers get out on the open road quicker. With CVR your customers can drive away from your dealership with completed vehicle registration. That means less hassle for them and you. No more waiting at the DMV. No more submitting time consuming paper work. Everything is submitted through the sales deal automatically.

+ more

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