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Every night, over 1400 Lightspeed dealers automatically transmit the day’s Parts, Service and Sales information to a collective database held at the Lightspeed offices Salt Lake City, Utah. That data warehouse grows by 2 million records each day and now totals more than one-half billion transactions reaching back to 1998. Summaries and aggregated reports* are now available to dealers and industry partners alike for both current tracking and historical research.

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The database contains Parts, Service and Major Unit transactional data. Parts and Major Unit inventory information is also gathered and used in the highly successful Lightspeed Dealership Locator program.

Dealers, OEMs, distributors and manufacturers are each invited to work with our data-mining team to both formulate queries into this data warehouse, as well as interpret answers. With over 27 years in powersports dealerships, Lightspeed stands ready to work with all parties and move the industry to new levels of understanding, and ultimately to more efficient, and profitable operations.

*CDK Global Recreation only provides aggregate reports of multiple locations and does not provide individual location data.

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