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CEM Returning Traffic Study

CDK Global Recreation, a premier provider of Dealer Management Solutions, released a study that compared customer retention for dealers using its Lightspeed CEM (Customer Experience Management) with dealers not using the system. The study compared customer retention rates for parts and service purchase the year after a customer bought a unit.

The study was conducted by Hal Ethington, Senior Analyst at CDK Global Recreation, and tracked over 300,000 unit purchases from over 800 dealers in 2010. These purchases were then tracked through 2011 to see if customer returned to purchase from the Parts and Service departments. The results show that dealers using Lightspeed CEM had a 15% increase in repeat Service customers, a 20% in repeat Parts Customers and a combined increased rate of 18%.

"A 15% increase in customer returns to Service, and a 20% increase in customer returns to Parts is huge for any dealer," said Hal Ethington. "Customers vote with their feet. And this study shows that they welcome an invitation to return."

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