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Real-Time Accounting Functions

Flow each daily transaction to your general accounting ledger´┐Żand eliminate time-consuming end-of-day journal postings. Accounting pulls information from all other operations in the LightspeedEVO Dealer Management Software System so you can see everything in one solution.

Feature Highlight: Custom Reporting

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Field Selection:
Select the fields you would like to add to your report from any department.

Report Layout:
Drag and drop selected fields to create the report layout you want.

Create calculations from across fields to see the exact numbers you want.

Manage Transaction Data

  • Flow all transactions to your accounting ledger.
  • Integrate transaction data from the sales, parts, and service departments.
  • Decrease payment source errors by integrating credit card transaction. + more on Credit Card Integration
  • Streamline payroll runs and posting to the ledger. + more on Payroll Plus

Analyze Dealership Performance

  • Organize each department as its own profit center.
  • Automatically track assets and liabilities.
  • Use dealership overview reports to quickly analyze individual, departmental, and overall dealership performance.

View Real-Time Information

  • Access on-demand financial statements, including P&L statements and balance sheets.
  • Create custom reports using up-to-date data.
  • Eliminate time consuming end-of-day processes.

Track Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll

  • Store information about your vendors and invoices.
  • Track expenses in detail, by department.
  • Track customer charge accounts and payments.
  • Real-time integration with point-of-sale departments.

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