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Automated Parts Inventory Management

Manage every point-of-sale transaction while continually tracking all parts and customer purchases. The LightspeedEVO Dealer Management Software System's parts inventory and point-of-sale module keeps up with the speed of your Parts department and you ahead of your business.

Feature Highlight: Buying Guide

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Time Frame Selection:
Select a time frame to view suggested buying levels based on history.

Supplier List:
Adjust the suggested purchase order by supplier. Take full advantage of discounts.

Category List:
View past demand by category to identify groups of parts.

Boost Inventory Profits

  • Get automatic suggestions on reorder quantities based on sales history and current inventory.
  • Use an automated price escalation tool to make fast decisions on raising or lowering parts prices.
  • Access online price books for suppliers.
  • Identify superceded and similar parts so you can sell the most profitable items.
  • Compare parts from multiple suppliers to choose the best deal for you dealership.
  • Make supplier-specific cost adjustments.
  • Customize your price books, so your system shows only the price books you need.

Speed Service

  • Eliminate manual entry at the point-of-sale with integrated bar coding.
  • Submit purchase orders electronically.
  • Integrate credit card processing directly into the system. + more on Credit Card Integration
  • Access electronic, pre-loaded price files for many suppliers.
  • Send automtatic ready-for-pick-up emails when special orders are recieved at your location.

Track Customer Data

  • Store comprehensive customer data, including purchase history, discounts, and buying habits.
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