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Customer Experience Management (CEM): Customer Loyalty

The Lightspeed CEM tools allow you to personalize communications for every customer in every setting. Using customer history, the CEM helps you quickly identify each customer's preferences and improve your customers' experiences.

Customer Experience Management includes:

Digital Marketing

Create a targeted list of customers based on the RV or trailer they own based off information inside LightspeedEVO (DMS) then send them custom emails telling them about promotions. With easy to use report generators and email builders you can do it in just minutes. + more

Lightspeed Loyalty Rewards

Get customers walking through your doors again with Lightspeed Loyalty Rewards. This program is fully integrated with Lightspeed and will create a loyal, repeat customer for your dealership. Backend reporting tools allow managers to see points balances, promotions, and give additional points on products or services. + more

CSI Surveys

Get quick feedback on repairs with automatic follow-up surveys through email after the boat repair is completed. The system then follows progress on issues that arise, helping you keep your customers happy and improve your CSI scores. + more

Mobile CRM

You are constantly on the move, now you can take vital sales tools with you. Mobile Lightspeed CEM allows you to check inventory, follow up on leads, enter new opportunities and close more business even if you are not at your desk. + more

Lead Tracking

Every lead is important. Lightspeed Sales CRM helps you manage every lead that comes in by tracking progress. Each communication can be logged to show what stage a sell is in. "My Daily Tasks" reminds you of tasks and follow-ups keeping you in constant contact with customers. + more

Automated Follow-Ups

Your last customer just spent $5,000. Are you going to thank him? Lightspeed CEM automatically sends out custom thank you emails to customers based on parameters that you set. Allowing you to send thank you emails to every customer based on what they buy. + more

Omni: Enterprise Marketing

Do you have more than one location? Leverage customer databases from all the locations and create consistent marketing campaigns across all areas. Omni also allows you to track leads and follow-up from a central location. + more

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